About Us


Sometimes God uses hard things in our lives to bring us into a closer place to Him.  We are there for folks that find themselves going through this season of life…



Mission Values:

The Miracle of Lazarus was that he was dead, and then was returned to his family and community by the love of Jesus Christ. That miracle continues at OGM. Broken men die to an old way of living, and by the power of a Loving God, they are restored to real life. A life as God intended for them and their family.

OGM also feeds those who are hungry; provides clothing for those who need it; and provides real means to satisfy their real thirst. John 7:37

We are a save place dedicated to helping people transform into a life they only dream about.


Mission Statement:

The Outreach Gospel Mission and it’s affiliates are dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel, by providing individuals and/or families with their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Our residential program consists of Bible studies, support groups, life skill training which offers these individuals /families a means of leaving a life of poverty, addictions, domestic violence and related issues to become the people God intended them to be and living an abundant life.

As a Christian faith based organization we use the Bible as our foundation. In Matthew 25 Jesus tells a parable about being responsible for what we have been given. We have been given much, and much is required of us.

We can help with emergency food boxes, clothing, household goods and most anything an individual or family would need to live in our community.

We have a residential recovery program based on introducing individuals to Jesus Christ, and then teaching them God’s Word.  We teach 2 Corinthians 5:17 as a life verse …

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.

This is a long term program designed for people who want to transform their lives. A traveler can spend up to 48 hours at our facility if they are willing to be sober and safe for that period of time.

We can offer laundry service. In short we desire to be a resource for our community and are willing to help whenever and however we are equipped. We do have some limitations, but we will always strive to serve.

OGM belongs to God and is dedicated to the expression of His Love. For any of our services a person does not need to be a Christian. We simply let you know who inspired us and changed us.