What is a Rescue Mission?

What we do:

A rescue mission can be like a light in a dark and stormy place.  Many people don’t understand how a Rescue Mission operates. First, it is our belief that this belongs to God and those that serve here are responsible for its care. It provides various services that help our community, so in a sense this facility belongs the community.

When people have experienced a tragedy in their lives such as having your house burn down, or you have escaped from an abusive situation with maybe just a suitcase, we will assist you with whatever we have here at the Mission.

Since we receive donations, we can only offer what we have on hand. However, it’s not uncommon for us to provide pots and pans, small appliances, kitchen appliances, silverware, bedding and beds when needed. In other words, things that would allow you to have a reasonable start again in life. If over time more is needed, more is given.

Sometimes individuals have to decide on paying a gas bill or eating. We can help with the food! We have limited funds and are rarely able to help with money problems, but we can put together a considerable food box filled with the necessities of making a good meal.

Sometimes people need to get out of the wet and cold. This is a common occurrence at OGM as the weather on the coast can be unforgiving at times. Usually there is a pot of soup or chili to share with the sojourner. Sometimes the traveler will decide to spend 48 hours with us. We then expect them to share the daily tasks that the residents have each day.

We have limited laundry facilities and temporary residents are welcome to use it under the supervision of a resident or staff who knows how to operate the machines. They will be able to take showers as available and if they need an extra warm shirt or other article of clothing and cannot afford to purchase it from our thrift store, we provide these as well.